Welcome to the world of Optix, we're excited to have you on board! This checklist will guide you through the set-up process before you launch Optix to your community.

1. Start with the basics

Bookmark your custom Optix dashboard URL
Familiarize yourself with the Optix Help Center and navigating the admin dashboard
Add your colleagues as administrators
Populate your organization settings
Define any additional user data points with custom properties
Enable silent mode
Input your venue's contact information and details
Set your email notification preferences
Disable any features that will not be used at your venue

2. Set your mobile app preferences

Upload your logo
Set your member onboarding preference
Select what information you want to collect from new users
Set your custom terms
Add a web extension

3. Create your spaces

Decide whether you'd like to offer hourly hot desk bookings or check-ins
Add your desks and meeting rooms
Integrate with an external calendar
Set your daily check-in rate (if applicable)

4. Define your membership plans

Create your plans
Set up integration with Kisi for access control (if applicable)

5. Configure your payment settings

Integrate with your payment gateway
Set your tax rate and tax number
Enable auto payments (if desired)
Set invoice notification preferences

6. Get ready to launch!

Add your users and teams
Assign plans to your users and teams
Configure other integrations
Turn off silent mode!
Share the exciting news with your community

Make sure you and your fellow administrators are clear on...

The difference between hourly bookings and daily check-in plans
The relationship between presence and check-ins
The difference between individual and shared usage team plans
How invoices are generated in Optix
How to manually amend an invoice and manage refunds

Questions? Get in touch with your dedicated Onboarding Specialist.

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