How do I create an announcement?

As an admin, learn how to send one-off announcements to your users in the mobile app

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Engage your users with automated in-app announcements. Broadcast important information about your workplace or community such as communicating workplace health and safety policies, or changes to operations; and have that information display directly in the iOS and Android apps.

How do I create an announcement?

1. Select Community in the left-hand menu, and then select Announcements

2. Click New Announcement to add a new announcement

3. Add a title, image (optional), description, and button text. You can style the text (bold, italic, strike-through, or underline) and add formatting with bullets or numbering

4. The 'pause announcement' toggle will put the announcement in a 'draft' mode until you're ready to send it. You can also pause announcements after they've gone live if you'd like to save the content for future use. This is particularly useful for times in which you'll want to re-announce messages (eg. "Event Space A is closed for an event this evening")

5. For multi-location businesses only: choose to display your announcement at all locations, or a specific location

6. Choose when to start sending the announcement. You can choose immediately (which means the announcement will send immediately after you've created it); or, you can choose to send it on a specific date

7. Select a repeat time

  • If you'd like the announcement to be a one-time announcement, choose 'Never'.

  • If you'd like the announcement to repeat every day, week, or month choose 'Every' and a selection from the drop-down.

8. Select a time to stop sending the announcement

  • You can choose 'Never' which means, if you've selected 'Every Day' for the announcement to repeat, then the announcement will keep repeating every day for the rest of time.

  • Or you can choose 'On a day' which will be the last day the announcement will send out.

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