How do I bulk import Users into Optix?

As an admin, learn the two ways you can bulk import User data into Optix

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Adding your Users into Optix from previous software or lists is easy. If you are migrating to Optix and have a large volume of User information to upload, we can help you! There are a couple of migration options to choose from:

.CSV import - Create a spreadsheet with four columns (first name, last name, company and email) and send the completed file to If you’re looking to bulk upload User information from a spreadsheet, read this article.

Stripe import - We can import member details from your Stripe account. First, set up your Stripe integration and then email to request the data import. If you’re looking to import User information from your existing Stripe account, read this FAQ.

As part of this process, you can also assign Plans to Users. In order to do so you must first create your Plans in Optix.

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