As an admin, you can control how new users are able to sign up for your space. 

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand menu and then Mobile apps
  2. Next to 'New users gain access to the app in the following way' choose how you want new members to be able to gain access to your organization. You can choose to allow self sign-up, allow new users to submit a request or restrict it so that all members must be invited by you or another admin. More details on these three options are included at the bottom of this article. 

    When you have allowed users to register themselves, a user can download the app and onboard themselves, gaining access to the app without any actions on behalf of a venue admin. You will also be able to customize a web user sign-up form that can be embedded directly on to your website. 

Customization options when enabling self-registration (via your app and website)

When enabling users to register themselves, either through the app or through the web user sign-up form, you can customize: 

  1. Whether you'd like to require users to add a credit card
  2. Whether you'd like to require users to subscribe to a plan (Settings > Plans)
  3. Which of your plans you'd like to be visible (if requiring users to select a plan, they will be able to select from any that you have designated as 'Public Facing' under the individual plan's settings)
  4. Any information that you’d like to collect about your users (with custom properties, you’ll be able to customize and collect details as they join your community)
  5. You'll also be able to charge for a deposit or set up fee which will be the default charges associated with the plan 

More info on other new user access options

Users must be invited: An admin will need to add the new user within the Optix dashboard before a user is granted access to the app. Users who try to access the app before this step will be unable to progress past the app's login page

Users can request access: Any user can download the app and enter their name and email address to request access to the app, sending an email to an admin that there's a new membership request. An admin will have to approve the request before the user can create an account.

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