Here are some keys terms that you will see throughout the Optix platform.

Organization refers to your entire business. Your Optix account is created at the organization level and can support multiple locations.

Location refers to the specific locations of your organization. You can add additional locations by reaching out to Optix support with the name and address of the new location(s). 

Resources are the desks, meeting rooms etc. that exist within a location. 

Plans are what you may refer to as 'Memberships' and allow you to provide allowance and discounts that can be consumed by bookings or check-ins

Bookings are reservations made for a bookable resource at a specific time and date. They can be charged to a plan allowance, or at a specified rate. 

Check-ins register a day of use of the location's common facilities and does not relate to a booking for a specific resource. Similar to bookings, they can be charged to a plan allowance, or at your specified location day rate. 

User refers to anyone listed on the 'Users' screen on your Optix dashboard. Users with 'Active' status will be able to access the functionality of your workplace app.

Teams are groups of users (often companies) that work out of your location(s). Users on teams are able to share plans, and all charges for users on a particular team are combined on to a single invoice. 

Organization billing date is the day of the month that the recurring invoices for your users will become due. 

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