Disclaimer: This article is for clients who are a part of the All New Plans and Passes beta.

Plans are recurring subscriptions for Users and Teams. When adding a Plan to a User or Team, you can either start from scratch or use a Plan Template that you’ve already created and customize this further if needed. There is no limit to the number of Plans you can assign to any one User or Team.

Haven't created a Plan Template yet? Click here to learn more.

Prior to adding Plans to your Users and Teams, make sure to configure your Plan Settings. This can be done by:

1. Navigating to Settings in the left-hand side menu

2. Selecting Plans and Passes

Adding Plans to individual users

Plans allow you to offer your Users access and/or allowance to your Resources, Location(s), and/or Products. To add a Plan to an individual User:

1. Click Plans from the left-hand menu

2. Click on the All Plans

3. Click Add on the top right-hand corner

4. Choose whether you’d like to create a custom Plan or create one from an existing Plan Template.

Note: You are able to modify the details of a Templated Plan if you choose to start from the template.

5. Add a User

6. Specify the ‘Start date’ and ‘End date’ of the Plan

7. Set whether you’d like this Plan to be paid or free. For paid plans, choose the price and the frequency of the billing period (i.e. every week, month, quarter, etc)

8. If applicable, input a ‘Deposit’ or ‘Set-up fee’ that you wish to be added to the user's next invoice

9. If you’d like to include items, click Add access under ‘Included items’ to add items for Bookings, Check-ins and/or Product purchases. Learn more about the different Access items you can include here.

8. Include any ‘Terms’ that the user and/or team would see that are specific to this Plan.

9. Navigate to ‘More options’ to set whether you’d like to provide a free trial, when you’d like to start the billing cycle, and when you’d like the first invoice date.

Note: On the right-hand side, you will see a summary of what your user will see on their first invoice.

10. Click Start Plan

Assigning plans to teams

The process for adding plans to Teams is very similar to the process for individual Users described above. There are a few key points of differentiation.

1. Follow steps 1-4 above

2a. Select a Team

2b. When adding access and/or allowance to the Plan under ‘Included items’, select either the Team Name or the specific Team member you’re hoping to add this Plan to.

Note: If you select the Team Name, the access will be available for the entire Team and the Allowance will be pooled. Any Allowance included as part of the plan will be shared by all members of that Team. If you select a specific Team member, only this Team member will receive the access and/or allowance, however, the Plan will still be charged to the Team.

3. Follow steps 6-10 above

Once a Plan has been added to a User or Team, you are able to edit it at any point as well as cancel the plan on the Users behalf. Learn how to edit a Plan here and how to cancel a Plan here.

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