There are three potential ways to automate the check-in process for your users.

Integrating with Kisi

With the Kisi integration, a user can be checked in automatically when they unlock a Kisi-enabled door. Read this article to automate your check-in process with Kisi.

Integrating with IronWiFi

With the IronWiFi integration, a user will be checked in automatically with they connect to the WiFi. Read this article to automate your check-in process with IronWiFi.

Enabling location services

This approach does not require an integration however it is less enforceable as auto check-ins will only work for users who have enabled location services on their device. You can choose to notify users to enable this under Settings > Mobile apps, however it is not possible to require users to enable location services for privacy reasons.

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then Check-ins

  2. Under 'Presence based check-ins', choose the amount of time that must pass before a user detected as present is automatically checked-in. This is selected in the drop-down menu next to the text 'Automatically check in users'.

  3. You may also enable the toggle to notify users to check-in as soon as they are detected as present

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