In this FAQ you'll learn how to edit your custom terms. Users will be required to agree to them upon starting the mobile app. This action is logged in their account details along with the version of the terms, date, device and IP address at the time. 

Need to make updates to your terms? Not a problem, users will now be prompted with a pop-up of your updated terms in the app whenever a new version is released. 

Enable or disable custom terms

You can enable or disable custom terms by going to Settings > Mobile apps and scrolling down until you reach the Custom terms section. 

Note: If you are collecting custom properties at your location, the custom terms will be on by default and you cannot turn this feature off. In your custom properties you are able to indicate a reason for collecting each piece of data, this will automatically be displayed in your custom terms (see image below).

Editing your custom terms

Entering terms for the first time, or editing your terms is easy.

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand menu
  2. Select Mobile apps
  3. Scroll down to 'Custom terms' section and enable 'Require users to agree to custom terms'
  4. Input your custom terms


  • Your users will be prompted to review and accept your custom terms the first time they use the app
  • Any changes to the terms and conditions will not trigger a re-acceptance procedure in the app
  • There is a not a log that tracks members agreement to these terms. If you require users to specifically agree to unique terms of service we recommend utilizing an integration such as SignNow to achieve this.

Note: If you have configured any custom properties, that information will automatically cede in to an appendix to your terms and conditions in compliance with privacy regulations including GDPR.

When you are done, check the box that confirms knowledge that all users will be required to agree to the new terms, then click Save

What will my users see?

Your users will be required to agree to these new terms and will be prompted to do so the next time they open the Optix app (or your white-labeled app).

This is logged in Optix and the date and version of the terms are available for review from a user's account details in the admin dashboard. This information will also be available through the User export.

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