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How do I enable auto-payments in my organization?
How do I enable auto-payments in my organization?

As an admin, learn how to enable the autopay option so your users never miss a payment date

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Optix is capable of completely automating the billing process for your organization. In order to get the most out of auto payments, it is recommended that in addition to enabling the auto payment setting, you also require users to add a payment method to their Optix account.

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then select Invoicing.

  2. Click Payment policy and under the section titled "Auto-payment for new users/teams", select All new users will have auto-pay switched on.

Note: This option will only show after you have connected a payment gateway on the 'Integrations' screen.

Note: Enabling this setting will automatically process payments for any users who have a payment method attached to their account in Optix.

If you don't wish to have auto payments enabled at the organization level, users will be able to choose if they have payments triggered manually or automatically from within the app. In this case, you can see who has elected to have auto payments by viewing the 'Account' section under the User or Team side panel.

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