What is an assignment?

As an admin, learn how an assignment differs from a booking

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Looking to assign a private office to a team over the course of a year? Is a user leasing out camera equipment for the week? Assignments are designed to do just that. Creating an assignment will provide a specific user or team with exclusive access to a resource over a set period of time, with customizable pricing, billing, and options to set conditional times.

How are Assignments different from Bookings?

Bookings are designed for short instances, as well as for any recurring meetings or times a user would like to book a resource. Bookings are made by users and admins in the mobile app. Bookings will always need a set end date and will always use the resource’s hourly/daily price to determine the overall total.

Assignments, on the other hand, can cover a much longer time span and do not need a predetermined end date. In regards to pricing, an admin can customize an assignment’s price directly during the creation stage; admins can also choose whether the assignment will be invoiced in a single payment or on a cadence, and can customize the assignment times of the resource.

Example: A user wants to lease out a private office for a year, during business hours/days. By creating a tailored assignment, you can provide this user with exclusive access to that private office- on your terms, at your desired price, and billing on a yearly cadence. On the weekends or after business hours, the private office will become free for other users to book!

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