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Intro to Optix

Learn about the mobile workplace platform, Optix, and its core functionalities

For Admins | Getting Started

Getting started guide, workplace app requirements, feature customization, and more!

For Admins | Automations
For Admins | Settings

Optimize your organization, location, and dashboard settings by updating your preferences and parameters

For Admins | Web Widgets

Learn how to customize and embed web widgets on your website

For Admins | Schedule & Bookings

Learn how to create resource bookings and utilize assignments at your organization

For Admins | Users, Teams & Check-ins

Learn how to provide people access to your workspace by creating users and teams, and enabling check-ins

For Admins | Community

Learn how to connect with your users through your feed, announcements and messaging

For Admins | Resources

Add bookable items and spaces to your dashboard for users to utilize in-app

For Admins | Marketplace

List products for purchase to your users, right from your Optix dashboard

For Admins | Plans & Passes

Learn how to create, edit and manage Plans and Passes in your organization

For Admins | Invoices

Explore the ins and outs of receiving payments in Optix from the Invoices page

For Admins | Analytics

Make data-driven decisions using the reports in Optix

For Admins | Apps, Integrations & Payment Gateways

Learn how to connect Optix with other services

For Admins | Other
For Users | App FAQs

Learn how to navigate and use an Optix powered workplace app

For Admins | Case Study FAQs

Learn how to configure your dashboard based on real life examples