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Quick Guide to Web Widgets
Quick Guide to Web Widgets

As an admin, learn how to customize and enable Web Widgets on your website

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Your website is a powerful tool – it increases your online presence, drives brand awareness, and allows prospective members to learn more about your offering. Web Widgets take your website to the next level – enabling you to convert prospective members right from your website and funnel them into Optix.

Web Widgets are also fully customizable. You’ll be able to customize things like your welcome and thank you messages, your questions (and field types), your font (800+ Google fonts supported), your accent color, your background color, and more.

By customizing and installing Web Widgets on your website, you’ll be able to accept tour bookings, enable drop-in bookings for your resources, and sign up prospective members. Just getting started? Here’s some need-to-know information when setting up Web Widgets for the first time.

Optix Web User Sign-Up - Customize look-and-feel

🙋‍♀️ Get to know prospective members

  • Do you accept or require applications to become a member of your community? Is your space at capacity but you want to continue meeting prospective members? The Inquiry widget allows you to collect information from these prospective members who are interested in learning more.

🗓 It's tour time

  • Want to enable prospective customers to instantly book tours with you and your team? This FAQ will walk you through the steps to customize and enable. your tour booking widget.

  • Learn how to set availability for your tour bookings widget here.

📖 Book it, instantly

  • Learn how to enable prospective or existing customers to make bookings right from your website.

💰 Get those sign-ups!

  • Sign up prospective customers directly from your website. This FAQ will walk you through the steps to customize and enable your sign-up widget.

  • Learn how to define specific plans in the sign-up widget here.

If you’re looking for more content on Web Widgets, we recommend you browse this collection for detailed FAQs! And, as always, feel free to reach out with any further questions using the chat box in the bottom right corner, or by emailing the Optix Support Team. Happy browsing!

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