Quick Guide to Analytics

As an admin, learn how to navigate the Analytics section of the Optix dashboard

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The Analytics page offers valuable data about your business. It's where you, as an admin, can review reports around revenue, accounts, activity, and the resources you have to offer. We've tried to visualize your data in the most simple and clear way possible, so that you can get to the data you need the most!

On the Analytics page of your dashboard, you’ll be able to view reports and graphs on your revenue, accounts, activity, and resources. Just getting started? Here’s some need-to-know information about the types of analytic reports in Optix:

Note: The analytics reports update every 24 hours (around 1am PST). The reports are not live, so if an invoice is paid and that increases your revenue, you will see that increase in revenue show up on the report the next day.

💵 Revenue

Below are the list of live revenue reports accessible to you and your team in your Optix dashboard:

🖥️ Accounts

These are the reports surrounding the individual accounts (users, teams, Plans, etc.) at your organization.

🏃 Activity

These are the reports surrounding the booking and check-in activity at your organization.

💼 Resources

These are the reports surrounding the resources offered at your organization.

📈 More Data!

If you’re looking for more information on Analytics, we recommend you browse this collection for detailed FAQs! And, as always, feel free to reach out with any further questions using the chat box in the bottom right corner, or by emailing the Optix Support Team. Happy browsing!

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