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How do I send a message to a user?
How do I send a message to a user?

Learn how to send messages to a single user from the admin dashboard

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Optix has a built in messaging functionality designed to make it easy for you to communicate to your users, and for users to connect with each other.

Note: If a user has not yet downloaded the app, they will receive your message as an email. All other users will receive it via the app, and there will be an associated push notification.

To send a message to an individual user:

  1. Select Users from the left-hand menu

  2. Locate the user you'd like to message and click their name

  3. Click the message button in the side panel

  4. Enter your message in the text box

  5. If you'd like the message to be sent via email, tick the 'Also send via email' box

  6. Click Send

Note: Messages you send to your users will appear in their inbox which can be accessed from the top right corner of most screens in the mobile app (unless you've ticked the 'Also send via email' box, then the message will also appear in your users' email inboxes).

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