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Which features can I enable in Optix?
Which features can I enable in Optix?

As an admin, learn how to enable or disable features within Optix

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Within your Optix dashboard, you can choose which features are enabled. The below features can be turned on or off through your Settings page:

User Onboarding

Choose whether you'd like to allow Users to sign themselves up via your app. This can be set under Mobile apps > Access to the app. You can also configure your User onboarding journey by requiring User payment methods, custom User properties, and accept Terms & Conditions.


This feature allows you to create long-term Assignments to Resources for your Users. Assignments differ from Bookings, in that you can customize their price during the creation stage, and they will generate their own invoice


Through the Bookings feature, Users can see the 'Book a Desk' or 'Room booking' options on the home screen of their mobile app and make reservations for Resources by the hour. If you operate on a first-come, first-served policy for desks then this does not need to be enabled.


Check-ins allow you to understand who is on-site and is the mechanism by which a daily allowance provided on a plan is consumed. If you have your plans set up with check-in allowances or want to be able to see who is on-site, you should enable this feature.

Plans & Passes

Plans are recurring subscriptions that you can add to a User or Team that can include Allowance, Discount, and/or Visibility to book Resources, Check-in, and purchase Products.

Passes can be added to a User or Team’s account as non-recurring Allowance, Discount, and/or Visibility to book Resources, Check-in, and purchase Products. They can also be made available for purchase in-app or on your website.

Community directory

The community directory allows your Users to message each other, learn more about the other Users in their community, and receive communication from their colleagues and admins.

Community Feed

The Community Feed feature enables you to create a sense of community through your app. You can post to the feed, and give your Users a chance to contribute to the feed as well, with new posts and comments, driving User engagement.


Products allow you to create a catalogue of products or services that you can sell to your Users. Your Users can conveniently purchase these products and services directly from their mobile device.

Report issue

When enabled, Users will see 'Report an issue' as an option in the menu of their mobile app. This allows Users to instantly report issues with more details to your primary location contact.


As a location administrator, you will always be able to create and manage Teams if you wish to do so. Enabling this feature will allow Users to create Teams and add Team members themselves through the app.

Web widgets

  • Drop-in bookings: Allow prospective Users to make bookings via your website.

  • Sign-up: Customize the sign-up experience for prospective Users via your website.

  • Tour bookings: Allow prospective Users to book a tour of your space via your website.

To make changes to any of the features noted above:

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, click on Features then scroll down to the feature you'd like to make changes to.

  2. Click on which feature you'd like to update and disable/enable from that page

Disabling features will remove any associated sections from both the dashboard and mobile app. You can always change your mind and turn them back on later!

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