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What’s the difference between a Plan Template, a Plan and a Pass?
What’s the difference between a Plan Template, a Plan and a Pass?

As an admin, learn the differences between a Plan Template, a Plan, and a Pass

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When adding Allowance to a User or Team, you can choose to add a Plan or a Pass. A Plan Template is a template for quickly adding Plans to Users and Teams.

Plan Template

Plan Templates are designed to be customizable and as reusable templates, which you can quickly add to a User or Team’s account. Plan Templates are also great if you find yourself adding the same Plan to multiple Users or Teams, or want to make Plans available for purchase in-app or on your website.


Plans in Optix serve two primary purposes:

  1. Provide Users with recurring allowance (hours, uses, currency amount, or custom currency) to Resources, Products, and/or Location(s).

  2. Plans are set up on a recurring basis (i.e. every week, month, quarter, etc) and are integrated with the invoicing functionality in Optix. They can be added to an individual User or a Team.

When creating a Plan, you can either build from an existing Plan Template or start from scratch. Click here to learn how to create a Plan.


Passes are packages of access and/or allowance for Bookings, Check-ins and/or Product purchases that your Users purchase. Passes don’t recur, but you can define whether they have an expiration date or not.

You can also think of a Pass like ‘topping up’ the Allowance in a User’s wallet. If a User wants to purchase an additional Allowance, they’d simply be able to purchase a Pass.

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