What does the Optix and Kisi integration do?

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The Optix and Kisi integration enables seamless access to your coworking space. Users can unlock your Kisi-enabled doors directly with your white-labeled Optix app by either tapping their phone on the lock or pressing a button in-app.

With the integration, you can link your Plans, Resources, Check-ins, and Allowance in Optix to Kisi Groups to provide seamless physical access control to your users. To unlock doors, Users can press a button in-app. This is available for users, regardless if your organization has a white-labeled app or the Optix-branded app.

With an Optix white-labeled app, you can also tap to unlock doors right from your Optix app by tapping their phone against a Kisi reader to unlock doors.

Note: The option to tap the app against a Kisi reader is currently only available on the white-labeled app. Click here to learn more about the white-labeled app.

Once configured, Optix will connect to your Kisi account so that when your Optix users book a Resource, are assigned to Plans or Resources, have allowance on their account and/or check in to your location, they will automatically be added to the corresponding access group in Kisi.

To learn how to enable the Optix and Kisi integration, visit this article: How do I connect Kisi and Optix?

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