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How do I book a meeting room?

As a User, learn how to book a conference or meeting room within the mobile app

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To book a room through the app:

1. Tap the Calendar icon 

2. Select Book a room

3. Select the date you want to book (today, tomorrow, or date to pick a date father in the future)

4. Tap Time, Duration or Filters to refine your search 

5. Select the room you'd like to book by tapping it

Note: If you're booking a room for today, you'll notice an icon indicating the availability of the room right now. In the example above, the icon is green and says the Studio Executive Boardroom is available for at least the next 2 hours. If the room was currently booked, the icon would be red and would indicate the next available time the meeting room was bookable (i.e. 2:00pm). These icons are only available if you're booking a meeting room for today (vs. booking one for tomorrow or another future date.

6. Select the timing of your booking. Adjust the start time, end time, and duration of your meeting by tapping and dragging the sliders up and down

Note: Shaded space indicates that the room isn't available, either because the time has passed or the room is already reserved.

7. When you're satisfied with the timing of your booking, tap Next

8. If desired, modify the details of your booking by tapping More options. Give your booking a title, add invitees and choose a Plan (if applicable).

Note: If you see 'No Plan,' you will be charged for the booking. If you're on multiple Plans (or aren't seeing your Plan selected), tap the Cost/Plan section to see available Plans and select which one you'd like the booking to come out of.

9. When you're satisfied, tap Confirm booking

Note: Your invitees will also receive an email notifying them of the booking, even if they don't have an Optix account.

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