Note: This feature is only available on iOS, coming soon to Android.

Where can I find products or services to purchase?

There are two places you can purchase products or services in your mobile app:

1. Under a new section with a price tag icon on the homepage labelled ‘Marketplace’.

Note: The title 'Marketplace' can be customized by your venue admin(s), so it may be labelled something different. However, you can always find it under the price tag icon.

2. Featured on the homescreen of your app under the section 'Featured products'

How do I purchase a product or service?

1. Tap Marketplace from the homescreen of the app.

2. Browse the collections of products, and tap on the one you'd like to browse further.

3. Tap the 'pills' at the top of the screen to scroll to a section, or simply scroll at your own pace.

4. Tap on the product or service you'd like to purchase.

5. Select your quantity by using the - or + buttons and tap Buy now.

6. Success! You will be invoiced for your purchase.

How am I invoiced for my purchases?

You're invoiced for your product / service purchases the same way that you're invoiced for any other additional charges. It is dependent on how your venue has set up invoices. You will either be invoiced the day of purchase, or it will be added to your next month’s invoice. Purchases can also be added onto your team's invoice.

You can review your purchases much like any other invoice (read how to review invoices here).

Please reach out to your venue manager if you have any further questions!

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