What is a Team?

As an admin, learn how Teams work in Optix

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A Team is a collection of Users affiliated with the same company or group. A Team is made up of Team Admin(s) and Team Members with the Team Admin being responsible for the invoices of the Team through a Team payment method.

When adding a Plan to a Team, you'll be able to add the Plan to the entire Team and the Allowance will be pooled or added to an individual Team member, in which case only this Team member will receive the access and/or allowance.

When you create a Team, each team member will also be added to your Optix account as an individual User. This allows you to do a few things:

  • Have the User's direct contact and profile information in your admin dashboard

  • Message the individual User directly

  • Add the User to their own individual User Plan, in addition to any Team Plans, should they wish to make bookings or purchases outside of their Team

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