How do I configure my User onboarding journey?

As an admin, learn how to configure Users' sign-up processes

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When enabling Users to sign up themselves, either through the app or through your Web Widget, you can customize:

  1. Whether you'd like to require Users to subscribe to a Plan Template or purchase a Pass (Settings > Features > Plans & Passes)

  2. Which of your Plan Templates or Passes you'd like to be visible (if you'd like to enable Users to select a Plan Template or Pass, they'll be able to select from any that you have marked as 'Visible to new Users' under the Plan Template or Pass)

  3. Any information that you’d like to collect about your Users (with Custom Properties, you’ll be able to customize and collect details as they join your community)

  4. Whether you'd like your Users to accept your Terms and Conditions

  5. You'll also be able to charge for a Deposit or Set Up Fee which will be the default charges associated with the Plan

Note: You can either require Users to complete each of the onboarding steps before progressing to the next step or allow them to bypass them in User Settings > Onboarding > Policy on required steps.

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