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How do I enable tour bookings from my website?
How do I enable tour bookings from my website?

As an admin, learn how to embed the customizable tour booking widget onto your website

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If you want prospective customers to book tours at your business directly from your website, you can do this by embedding the Tour Widget.

The hours of availability displayed in your tour widget are directly correlated to either the open hours of your location, or your Google Calendar's availability.

When prospective Users create a tour booking, you'll:

  1. Find a new Unconfirmed User in your User list

  2. Find the tour on your Schedule

Note: The tour widget does not override existing user names. If an existing user (with the same email) tries to book a tour, the tour will be booked under their name as seen in your dashboard and not under any new name they enter in the tour widget.

Here's how to integrate the Tour Widget into your webste:

Step 1 - Enable Tour

Note: The tour widget requires that you integrate with Google Calendar

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand menu, followed by Web Widgets, and then Tour bookings.

  2. If it’s not currently enabled, on the right-hand side of the screen under Using this feature, select Enable Feature.

Note: Enabling the tour will add a link on your drop-in booking widget, so users can choose to book a tour if they are not ready to book a resource.

Step 2 - Customizing Your Tour Widget

  1. Under Options you can add a title for your tour widget.

  2. Set the duration, you can choose from 15 minutes up to one hour.

  3. To customize the look of your widget, you can go to Settings > Web Widgets > Widgets overview > Customize Theme. Changes made here will also affect both your onboarding and your drop-in booking widgets. More on that here.

  1. Scroll to Get the code and specify how you would like the widget to display on your website (pop up, embed, or via a link).

  2. Click Get the Embed Code/Link to generate an export of the code or link that can be added to your website.

Embedding the tour widget onto your website

In Step 3 - Sharing Your Widget or Link, you will have generated an export of some code. This needs to be added to your website in order to complete the process of integrating tour booking with your website.

When exporting the code, you first have to select how you want the widget to display on your website.

  • Embed will allow you to have the booking widget integrated onto one of your existing web pages.

  • Pop-up will allow you to have users click a button to open a modal that displays over the top of a webpage.

  • Link will give you the URL to which you can connect a "Book" button (or something similar) to open the tour booking widget on a separate page.

If you are unfamiliar with how to edit your website, it is recommended that you work directly with your web developer on how best to integrate this functionality on your site. If you don’t currently have a web developer available to you, we recommend using the link option. The link to book directly from your website will be in the format:

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