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How do I report an issue in my organization?
How do I report an issue in my organization?

As a user, learn how to report an issue with the space to your organization manager through your workplace app

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If you run into an issue at your organization, you can send an issue report to your admin within the 'Report an issue' section of your mobile app.

  1. Tap the Menu icon

  2. Select Report Issue.

  3. Select the category that best fits the issue you're reporting

  4. Select the specific problem you're reporting from the options shown

  5. Tap on the grey icons to add additional details about the issue, such as the location or the issue, a photo of the issue, and/or to add an additional note

  6. When you're satisfied, tap Report Issue to submit your report to your admin for review

Note: Your organization admin may have disabled this feature. If you don't see it on the 'More' screen, you can always send your admin a message via 'Contact admin' instead.

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