Quick Guide to Settings

As an admin, learn how to navigate the Settings section of the Optix dashboard

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Settings are how you configure your preferences; either for your organization, location(s), admins, or users.

On the Settings page of your dashboard, you’ll be able to configure the settings for things like your admins, invoices, and features of your dashboard- to name a few. Just getting started? Here’s some need-to-know information when configuring Settings for the first time.

📑 It's all in the details

  • Want to update your organization details? Learn how to do so here.

  • Adding new administrators to your dashboard is a great way to delegate responsibilities and give your employees access. Learn more about that here.

💻 Customizing your Website, Dashboard, and App

  • If you’d like to feature a link to your website, social media, or any other beneficial sites to your coworking space, consider creating a menu extension

  • On the flip side, if you’d like to install a tool on your website for non-users to sign up, tour your coworking space, or create a drop-in booking, you can install a web widget

  • Optix gives you the ability to customize your experience (and your user’s experience) though enabling or disabling features. Learn how to enable and disable these features here.

If you’re looking for more information on Settings, we recommend you browse this collection for more detailed FAQs! And, as always, feel free to reach out with any further questions using the chat box in the bottom right corner, or by emailing the Optix Support Team. Happy browsing!

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