How do I book a desk?

As a User, learn how to make a desk booking through the mobile app

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If your organization admin has enabled desk booking, you'll be able to book a desk within your mobile app for a few hours or the entire day.

  1. Tap the Calendar icon

  2. Select Book a desk

  3. Select the date you want to book (today, tomorrow, or date to pick a date father in the future)

  4. Tap Filter to adjust the length and timing of your booking

  5. Select the desk where you'd like to sit

  6. If you wish to book multiple desks as part of the booking (e.g. for you and your teammate), click Edit and check each of the desks you wish to book

  7. Click 'More options' to verify which Plan to charge the booking to switch to a different Plan, Allowance, or pay for this booking with a one-time Invoice instead.

  8. When you're satisfied, tap Book a Desk to complete the booking.

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