How do I create and sell products?

As an admin, learn how to create a catalogue of products (or services) to sell to your users in the mobile app

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List products such as coffee and stationary, or services such as mail handling and rentals in your dashboard; and, conveniently allow your community to purchase these products and services directly from their mobile device

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How do I sell products or services?

Step 1 - Enable the feature

1. If you don't already have the feature enabled, head to Settings, and click on Products

2. Click the green Enable feature button to enable it. You can also update the title of the feature in the app on this screen from 'Marketplace' to your choosing.

Step 2 - Create products or services

1. Select Marketplace from the left-hand menu, and then Products.

2. Click Add product to add a new product.

3. Add a product name, description, and image.

4. The 'Hide this product' toggle will hide the product from users in the mobile app. You can also bulk edit the visibility of your products from the main Products page. See instructions further down in FAQ under 'Bulk edit'.

Note: This would be used if the product isn't ready for sale, or has run out of stock.

Note: Before your products display in the mobile app, you must group them into a collection. If the product is not a part of the collection disabling the 'Hide this product' toggle will not make the product visible in the app. It must be a part of a collection first.

5. For multi-location businesses only: Choose to display your products at all locations, or a specific location.

6. Select tags that will be used to add the product to a collection. In order to categorize your products into collections, you’ll use tags. Individually tagging your products allows you to group them together so that you can create collections as well as groups within collections.

For example: If your product is a pack of sticky notes, you might tag them as ‘Office supplies’ as well as ‘Meeting add-ons’ in order to sell them in two separate collections in the app. You could even go a step further and tag them as ‘Paper’ to group the ‘Office supplies’ collection even further.

To add a tag, simply type in a new tag or check the box of an existing tag.

7. Set a price for the product and a custom tax (if applicable).

8. The item is live! Users will be able to purchase this product from within the app.

Step 3 - Collections, Labels, Invoices, etc.

Collections are groups of products that you’d like to make available for purchase in the mobile app. Learn how to create one here.

Labels are a way for admins to keep track of their sales and products from within the dashboard. Set up your custom labels by following this tutorial. If you want to view your product sales, you can do so in the Marketplace page. Click here to learn more.

Wanting to learn how a product appears on a user's invoice? Read this FAQ.

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