Within your Optix dashboard, you have the ability to choose which features are enabled. The below features can be turned on or off:

User Onboarding & Sign-Up

Customize the sign-up experience for prospective members via your app and website.

Desk Bookings

This feature allows users to see the 'Book a Desk' option on the home screen of their mobile app and make desk reservations by the hour. If you operate on a first come, first served policy for desks then this does not need to be enabled. 


As a venue administrator, you will always be able to create and manage teams if you wish to do so. Enabling this feature will allow users to create teams and add team members themselves through the app.


Plans are a mechanism through which you can provide booking allowances and discounts to members, and is also the means by which you can create recurring charges. 

Report issue

When enabled, users will see 'Report an issue' as an option in the menu of their mobile app. This allows users to instantly report issues with the condition of the space to your primary venue contact. 


Check-ins allow you to understand who is on site, and is the mechanism by which a daily allowance provided on a plan is consumed. If you have your plans set up with check-in allowances or want to be able to see who is on site, you should enable this feature. 

Schedule a meeting

Schedule a meeting should only be enabled if you have set up an integration with Outlook/Office 365. This allows users to availability of their invitees when creating a meeting.

To make changes to any of the features noted above (with the exception of 'Schedule a meeting'):

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then click in to the Features tab
  2. Click the more button next to the feature you wish to enable/disable

To disable the 'Schedule a meeting' feature,

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then click in to the Mobile Apps tab
  2. Scroll to the 'Bookings' section
  3. Click the toggle next to 'Display the 'Schedule a Meeting' option' to enable/disable

Disabling features will remove any associated sections from both the dashboard and mobile app. You can always change your mind and turn them back on later!

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