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Quick Guide to Users, Teams & Check-ins
Quick Guide to Users, Teams & Check-ins

As an admin, learn how to navigate the Users & Teams section of the Optix dashboard

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In your organization, Users refer to anyone that registers and has an account in your dashboard. Users will have the ability to book resources, subscribe to plans, and pay for their invoices through the mobile app (depending on your settings). Teams refer to a group of users who are affiliated with the same external company or organization. The teams functionality will allow for a single invoice for the team’s users, and a shared payment method. Anyone associated with a team can book resources and subscribe to plans in the same way as individual users, sometimes even sharing plan usage.

Check-ins allow your organization to keep track of your users' presence in your organization using your workplace's address and location services. You can provide check-in allowance for Users with Plans, or set up a day rate!

On the Users page of your dashboard, you’ll be able to create and edit users, create & edit teams, check-in users, and access user account information. Just getting started? Here’s some need-to-know information when creating users and teams for the first time.

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Getting Familiar with your Users

🔗 Let's Team up!

✅ Just checking in...

  • Looking for more info on how check-ins work in Optix? Click here.

  • You can always go in and cancel a check-in on a user's behalf

If you’re interested in looking into a user’s past check-ins with your organization, you can view their historical data.

If you’re looking for more information on Users, Teams & Check-ins, we recommend you browse this collection for detailed FAQs! And, as always, feel free to reach out with any further questions using the chat box in the bottom right corner, or by emailing the Optix Support Team. Happy browsing!

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