How do I create a check-in?

As an admin, learn how to set up check-ins for your organization

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Check-ins are registered when users tap the 'Check in' button on the home screen of your workplace app. If users forget to do this, you can easily create a check-in on their behalf from within the admin dashboard. When check-ins are created by an admin, users will receive a push notification alerting them that they have been checked in.

  1. Click Users from the left-hand menu

  2. Search for the user you'd like to check-in, and click on them

  3. In the user side-panel, click the button labelled Check in. Alternatively, you can click Check-ins and click New check-in

  4. Specify the date of the check-in (you can create them in the past) and location (if applicable)

  5. Review the user's plan details (including how many check-ins they have remaining), then click Confirm

  6. You can view the check-in for that user by clicking Check-ins from the user's menu.

If a user is on a plan with 'Daily Check-ins' allowance, one day will be deducted off their plan. For users with more than one plan, the plan with a monthly or yearly billing cadence will be deducted first, followed by any one-time plans. If the user is not on a plan with 'Daily Check-ins' allowance, they will be charged the location's day rate.

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