How do I cancel a check-in?
As an admin, learn how to cancel check-ins on behalf of a user
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By default, your users will be able to cancel their check-ins. If you would like this option to exist only for admins (e.g. admins will have to cancel check-ins on behalf of a user if necessary), you can edit the Check-in settings within your admin dashboard.

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then Check-ins

  2. Next to 'Allow users to cancel their check-ins', click the toggle to slide into the off position

If permitted, users will be able to cancel a check-in by again clicking the check-in icon on their home screen. To cancel a check-in on behalf of a user:

  1. Click Users from the left-hand menu

  2. Search for the user you'd like to cancel the check-in for

  3. Click on the user, and in the side-panel click Check-ins

  4. Click on the date of the check-in in the calendar, and in the details that display below the calendar, click on the three dot menu

  5. Confirm that you'd like to cancel the user's check-in by clicking Cancel check-in

  6. The user's check-in will be reversed. If the check-in had been charged to the plan allowance, the day of use will be added back. If it had caused a charge, the charge will be reversed.

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