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How do users gain access to the app?

As an admin, learn the three different ways users can get started using your coworking space

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Depending on your settings, users can either register themselves, request access to your coworking space, or must be invited by administrators before registering. In this way, you can control who signs up for your space and is considered a user.

To alter your settings based on your preferences, head to Settings > User Settings > Onboarding. Under Access to the app, you can select one of the three options:

To gain access, Users must be invited: An admin will need to add the new user within the Optix dashboard before a user is granted access to the app. Users who try to access the app before this step will be unable to progress past the app's login page.

Users can request access: Any user can download the app and enter their name and email address to request access, which notifies an admin via email of a new membership request. An admin will have to input the user's information into their dashboard to approve the request and create a new account on their behalf.

Users can sign up and obtain access: Any user can download the app and sign up without approval from the administration. More on that here.

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