Adding your users into Optix is easy and can be done by importing information from your Stripe account or by bulk upload from a spreadsheet. Follow the instructions below to import your existing users. 

As part of this process, you can also assign plans to users. In order to do so you must first create your plans in Optix

Importing from a spreadsheet 

  1. Click Users from the left-hand menu
  2. Click the Add user button in the top right corner
  3. Click Bulk upload from a file
  4. Click Download template CSV file 
  5. If you wish to assign plans during the upload process, click Download plan reference file 
  6. Complete the user template and save as a .CSV file
    • To ensure data is uploaded correctly, do not add or remove any columns from the template CSV file
    • Name and email address are the only fields that are required to create a user account within Optix
    • Use the plan reference file to locate the 'Plan ID' that you wish to assign to a user
    • Plan start date must be today or a date in the future, it cannot be in the past
    • If the plan has no end date, leave the field blank
    • Pricing modifications can be made to amend the base price of a plan for a particular user. If applying a percentage increase/decrease, include the '%' sign, otherwise the modification will be applied as a currency amount (e.g. -$50)
    • A maximum of one plan can be assigned to a particular user during this upload process, additional plans can be added within the Optix dashboard by following this FAQ
    • Assigning team plans are currently not supported through the upload tool, any plans specified in the upload template will be assigned to the individual users
  7. Click Upload your completed .csv file 
  8. Review any errors
  9. Click Import Users to complete the upload 

Importing users from Stripe

If your business is currently using Stripe to process your user's payments, you can transition all of your users and their credit card information, over to Optix. Here is what we can migrate over for you:

  • Their first and last name
  • Their email address
  • Their credit card info

Once your users are migrated, you will need to add them to their teams (if applicable) as well as add them to their appropriate plan(s).

Note: You are not able to select 'some' users to migrate. With the Stripe migration, we are only able to migrate all Stripe users or none.

If you'd like to migrate your users using Stripe, please reach out to your Optix onboarding specialist.

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