The user experience is exclusively mobile with Optix. Our native iOS and Android apps bring a high-level of functionality and speedy performance to users. 

What can I do with the app?

  1. Check in to an organization

  2. Create & manage bookings

  3. View and pay invoices 

  4. Setup a payment method (credit card)

  5. View and manage plan(s)

  6. Participate in community conversations

  7. View events

  8. Report issues in the space

  9. Report bugs in the app

Checking in 

Check-ins are how we know you’ve been in the space on any given day! 

Enabling location services will allow check-ins to be created automatically (you will be prompted the first time you use the app).

Check-ins can be created manually from the action menu on your app home screen.


See what's available to book within your organization with real-time availability! Search, book, and invite your colleagues. It's that easy.

Make bookings through the app with just a few taps.

Bookings will automatically deduct from your plan allowance if one is available.

If a booking is not fully covered by a plan, you will be shown the charge before completing the booking.

View & Pay Invoices

Using Optix to pay for your invoices? Enjoy simplified payment management with in-app invoices and payment processing.

Add a payment method and turn on auto-pay to check one more thing off your monthly to-do list.

View your current and past charges at any time from the ‘Invoices’ screen.

Need to send an invoice to your accountant? Simply click the mail icon when viewing an invoice.

Add and update payment methods for your individual or team account from the ‘Payment Methods’ screen.

If auto-payments are enabled, payments will be processed automatically on the invoice due date.

View & Manage My Plan(s)

Plans define what services and amenities you have access to as part of your membership.

You can view details about your allowance and usage on the ‘Plans’ screen.

Community Feed

Browse through the directory to learn more about your fellow users and start up a two-way chat.

The Community Feed is the central hub for announcements, organizing group lunches and more! 

Posts can be created by both users and admins. Be sure to check regularly for updates.

Looking for a freelancer or new team member? Post your job opportunities on the community feed and tap in to the networks of your fellow co-workers.

Viewing Events

Interested in attending an upcoming event? 

Navigate to the homepage of the app to view and browse upcoming events happening in your organization or within your community.  

Reporting Issues & Contacting an Organization Admin

Curious where the coffee beans in the kitchen are from? Use the "Contact admin" section of the app to ping your organization manager and ask.

Slow WiFi? Broken chair? Too hot or cold? Reporting an issue through the app is quick & easy, letting you get back to your day with minimal disruption.

Admins will be notified of your issue report and can send you messages with status updates.

Reporting App Problems

Found a bug in the app, or something not looking quite right? 

iOS users can report issues easily by taking a screenshot anywhere in the app or shaking your device with the app open.  Android users should send feedback to organization administrators or directly to 

For more information on using the mobile app, we recommend you browse this collection for detailed FAQs! If you have any questions, please reach out to your organization's administrator. Or, if you're having app issues, please report this by following the steps above. Happy Browsing!

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