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How do I edit my plan details?
How do I edit my plan details?

As a user, learn who to contact to make changes to your assigned plan(s)

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Adding a personal plan

You can add a new plan to your account by going to the Plans section on the mobile app. 

  1. Click the More Icon on the bottom right of the navigation bar

  2. Scroll down to Plans in the list

  3. Tap See all Plans on iOS and See Plans on Android

  4. Select Personal

  5. Scroll through available plans, and click Details to learn more about any plan

  6. Once you've found the correct plan, tap Select This Plan

  7. You'll be asked to indicate a Starting Date for the plan as well as an End Date

  8. Lastly, you'll see a confirmation page of the amount due

Managing your plan

From the Plans section of the mobile app you can see plans that are currently assigned to you as well as the following:

  1. Remaining allowance or credits available from your plan

  2. Plan restrictions 

  3. Plan terms

  4. Cancellation policy

You can also contact your administrator directly from this page if you have questions. 

Adding a team plan

Because team plans have additional complexity you will need to speak with your team admin and your organization administrator to add, manage or remove a team plan. 

You can contact your administrator directly through the app. 

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