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How do I email or download an invoice?
How do I email or download an invoice?

As a user, learn how to send a copy of your invoice to yourself or a third party

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If you need to view your invoice on a computer, download your invoice as a PDF, or print your invoice, you can do so from the 'Invoices' screen of your mobile app.

1. Tap the Menu icon

2. Select Invoices 

3. Select the invoice you'd like to email or download by tapping it 

4. On iOS, tap the share icon in the upper right corner. On Android, Tap the send icon in the upper right corner

5. Select email invoice, and then type in the email address of the person you'd like to send the invoice to (this can be any email address). Tap send.

6. Your recipient (or yourself if you typed in your own email address) will receive an email containing a link to view a web version of the invoice that's ready to download or print. Click View Invoice to view the invoice in your browser.

8. To print the invoice or save as a PDF, in your web browser, click File, Print

9. To save as a PDF, select Save as PDF as the destination, and hit save

10. Your invoice will now be saved to your computer as a PDF

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