How do I make bookings?

As a user, learn what ‘resources’ are in Optix, and how to book them in-app

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Resources are defined as any bookable item in your organization and can range from desks and offices to camera equipment and podcast studios. If your organization admin has enabled bookings, you'll be able to book resources within your mobile app for a few hours or the entire day. To make a booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the Home screen

  2. Select one of the home screen buttons at the top of the screen indicating which resource you’d like to book (i.e. “Book a desk”)

    On this page, there may be further segments of resources to specify further (i.e. “Hot Desks” or “Standing Desks”). Click into one to continue.

  3. Select the date you want to book (today, tomorrow, or date to pick a date farther in the future).

  4. Tap Select times to adjust the length and timing of your booking. You can also check a resource’s availability by dragging the availability bar.

    If you’re looking for a more granular search of resources, click the filters icon to search by the name, price, capacity, amenities, or ‘favorited’ resources.

  5. Select the resource you’d like to book/rent. You’ll be able to make any changes to the time frame on the next page.

  6. You may be able to book multiple resources as part of the booking (e.g. for you and your teammate) depending on your organization’s settings.

  7. Under More Options, you’ll have the ability to add any notes/titles to your booking, add invitees (if this option has been made available), and select the type of payment if you’d like to use plan allowance.

  8. When you're satisfied, tap Confirm Booking to complete the booking. A confirmation of your booking will appear, which you can dismiss or edit after final review.

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