How do I check into my organization?

As a user, learn how to create a check-in using your workplace app

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If your plan consists of access to your organization given in days per month or year, you'll need to check into your organization upon arrival in order to consume one day of access from your plan.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Check In button

  2. You'll be prompted to review how many days of allowance you have left in the month, or if you don't have a relevant plan assigned to you, you'll be able to review the day rate for your location. Tap Check In to confirm your check-in

  3. You're all set! The dot indicator on your avatar will turn to green to indicate you are checked-in. 

Note: If you accidentally check in, or for some other reason need to cancel your check-in, you can again tap the checkmark icon and tap Cancel Check-In. This will refund the day of credit back into your account. Your organization manager may not allow this action.

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