The Admin Dashboard is the place that you, as a Venue Manager will spend much of your time managing users, bookings, plans and invoices. We've tried to make navigating this dashboard as simple and clear as possible so you can get work done fast. 

Main Panels

Schedule: This is the main landing spot when you log into your dashboard. From here you can create, cancel, and manage current and upcoming bookings.

Users: The user panel allows you to add and remove members and teams, as well as edit and view user details and check users in.

Bookings: The bookings panel provides a more in-depth view of past, present and future bookings.

Community: Within the community panel you can send messages to your entire venue.

Plans: Create, remove and manage new and existing plans for your members to subscribe to.

Invoices: View your invoices, past, present and upcoming for individual members and teams.

Analytics: See analytics on users, bookings, plans, and invoices.

Data Exporter: A free optional add-on that provides advanced exports of certain data.

Events: A free optional add-on that provides you the ability to promote an event to your community.

Settings / Extra

Apps: This area lets you install apps and integrations such as Stripe, Google Calendar and Data Exporter to name a few, as well as explore our Zapier integrations.

Settings: The main settings menu is packed full of important things to check out, such as feature settings (check-ins, web user sign-up, etc.), creating or removing venue admins, setting up payments, uploading your organization's logo, and more. You'll need to go here to update your venue details (meeting rooms, hot desks, etc.). Here you'll also complete crucial information about your venue such as address and operating hours.

Help: Clicking this will take you directly to our Knowledge Base! You're also already there 😁

What's new: This will open up a side-panel for you to see updates on the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. Learn more.

Admin Account Settings & Optix Billing

You can access your admin account settings as well as your billing details for your Optix subscription via the avatar at the top left of your admin dashboard

Account: Edit your name, email address, password and avatar. As well as your short bio and skills.

Optix billing: Add a payment method, see upcoming invoices and edit your organization details. 

Next Steps

Check out our Getting Started Checklist to learn what needs to be configured to get your account ready for users! 

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