There are two places to see updates to the Optix platform.

  1. The Optix Blog:

  2. The 'What's new' tab in the web dashboard.

Where can I find the what's new tab?

  • To visit the 'What's new' tab, click on 'What's new' in the left-hand menu in the web dashboard.

  • A side-panel will slide in from the right side of the screen, and here is where you can see the recent list of announcements, improvements, and fixes to the Optix platform.

  • You can click the icon beside 'Change log' to open the page to a full screen

  • Announcement: Features that are new to the Optix platform, and are the most exciting to you. These announcements will sometimes be paired with a blog post to learn more about the new feature, or a link to an FAQ to learn more.

  • Improvement: An update to existing features. An improvement will typically link out to an FAQ to learn more about the improvement.

  • Fix: A fix to an existing feature. Sometimes our features don't work how we had hoped they would, or there are issues that need to be resolved with them. We want to keep you informed, and let you know when we've fixed a previous issue.

Note: The 'What's new' page will be updated periodically as new features, improvements, and fixes go live.

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