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What admin roles are available in my Optix dashboard?
What admin roles are available in my Optix dashboard?

As an admin, learn about the four admin roles and the access each role is assigned

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In Optix, you have the option to add administrators in with varying levels of access, depending on their role with your organization. At the moment, we offer four different roles to assign, listed below from most access to least access:

  • Owner: The role of the owner is to oversee all aspects of the organization’s usage of Optix. The owner also have the ability to access and edit all features in Optix, including admin management (adding and removing admins).

  • Manager: The manager, much like the owner, has access to almost all the Optix features, excluding admin management. A managerial role would take care of bookings, invoicing, and other essential tasks to keep the business running smoothly.

  • Client Representative: The client representative has less control and access to administrative tasks, such as general settings, and management of payment and users/teams. However, the client representative does have access to the user list, and can communicate with users through the Community Feed and messaging. They can also set custom properties for users to fill out.

  • Reception: The reception role has the least amount of access to the dashboard, but still has access to the user list and bookings to best assist those booking desks and meeting rooms in your space. They can also reach out to users via the messaging feature.

You can also designate the primary admin for each location using the Primary Contact field under Settings > Locations under Organization > [Location Name].

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