Note: The advanced embed options require coding to execute. We recommend that, if you do not read coding language, you reach out to a developer for assistance.

Allowing users to sign up for your coworking space through a web widget is a great tool to promote your business. If you’d like to take it a step further, you can now add a plans parameter to your widget to show specific plans to your users while signing up, to showcase featured plans, customize the order which your plans display, or to promote a single plan. You can also include non-public plans in your sign-up widget to provide promotions to prospective users.

Before you do this, you’ll have to set up your dashboard to prepare. First, you’ll need to require users to sign up for a plan. To do so,

1. From Settings, select Plans (featured underneath the section titled ‘Features’)
From this page, click the toggle ‘Require users to subscribe to a plan'

2. Next, ensure the access type for users is set so they do not have to be invited by an administrator to sign up. You can change this by heading to Settings > Mobile Apps, and selecting the access type from the drop-down menu.

Setting up Plans for your Web Widget

Note: If you have yet to create a sign-up web widget, follow this FAQ. If you have yet to create a plan, follow this FAQ.

For an embed/pop-up code:

mode=”pop-up” OR mode=”embed”

You can add your plan parameters to the tag where you are defining the class "optix-member-widget". The following parameters are available:

optix-args-plans=”123” - This will skip the plans finder interface and show a specific plan to the user. The user will not be able to go back to the finder interface and will only be able to be assigned to this plan. This number references the Plan ID. Where to find the plan ID is detailed below.

optix-args-plans=”123,456,789” - Will only show plans from the specified plan IDs (where to find these numbers is detailed below). Keep in mind, the order in which you list the plan IDs will be the order in which they appear in the sign-up widget. If you provide an invalid ID, then the widget will simply ignore it. This filter will disappear if you provide only one plan (as mentioned above). If you’re planning to display more than one plan ID, you must separate them with a comma.

Here’s an example of what your sign-up link should look like when using the advanced embed method:,465,786

Input the bolded information at the end of your sign-up link, generated in the Settings > Web Widgets. The numbers above reference a plan’s ID. Below is information on how to find these IDs.

Where to find the plan ID:

To link straight to a specific plan, you need to have the plan ID. You can find this in your dashboard by going to Plans, and selecting the plan you want the resource ID for. The second series of numbers at the end of the URL for this page is the plan ID. Here’s an example of a URL and the plan ID:

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