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How do I set availability for tour bookings?
How do I set availability for tour bookings?

As an admin, learn more about the booking window functionality for your tour bookings widget

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With the tour booking web widget, you can enable prospective clients to be able to book tours of your space directly from your own website. Click here to learn how to enable the tour booking web widget.

Before you start

To navigate to your tour bookings web widget:

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand menu

  2. Scroll down and click Web widgets

  3. Select Tour bookings

Synchronize your external calendar

First, you'll need to install the Google Calendar calendar integration.

  1. Once your calendar has been installed, click Configure

  2. Select the calendar that you want to sync

Note: You can block your booking availability by creating a meeting event in your linked Google Calendar (i.e. every day from 12-12:30pm the team is on lunch and has a 'lunch' reoccurring event in the calendar that blocks availability).

Set your booking widow

Using the booking window, you can set parameters around how far in advance and how close to the start time someone can book a tour. You can specify your desired parameters by the minute, hour, or day.

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