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How do I create repeat bookings?

As a user, learn how to create a repeat booking in the mobile app

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In this FAQ you will learn:

  • How to create a repeat booking

  • How to edit a repeat booking

  • How your repeat bookings are invoiced

Creating a repeat booking

Note: The repeat setting will only display for resources that allow for repeat bookings. This setting is set by the admin of your organization.

1. To create a repeat booking, select the resource you wish to book. At the bottom of the calendar screen, tap More options

2. Select Repeat underneath the date of the booking and choose a frequency you'd like to booking to repeat. If none of the options listed work for you, select Custom.

3. From the custom screen you can select:

  • Frequency: Every X amount of days, weeks, months, and years.

  • Repeats on: Days of the week the booking repeats on.

  • Ending for the booking: Does not end, Ends on a date, and After a number of occurrences.

Note: You may have conflicts show up as you are in the process of creating the booking.

  • To view the conflicts, click on the repeat settings with the red text that tells you there are conflicts.

  • From the next screen, click See conflicts (the red bubble tells you how many conflicts there are).

  • A list of dates will slide up that are unavailable to book. If you schedule the repeat booking with these conflicts, those days will not be included as part of the repetition.

  • A conflict may be due to: The booking dates are unavailable (there is another booking on that date); or, that the repeat booking is breaking a rule set by your admin in the resource's settings (ie. there is a buffer time set for the resource that doesn't allow you to create a repeat booking).

4. Once you've selected the customization for the repeat booking, use the back arrow to go back to the confirmation screen and tap Confirm repeat booking.

Editing a repeat booking

To edit a repeat booking:

1. Simply tap on the booking you'd like to edit in your Bookings screen, and tap Edit.

2. You will be faced with the option to either 'Edit this booking only' which will only edit that single booking, or 'Edit all future bookings' which will make changes to all bookings that are repeating in that cycle. Choose an option.

3. Make adjustments or edits to your booking, and click Done. If you are canceling a booking, select the option at the bottom of the screen to Cancel booking. A green check-mark on the screen will indicate that your changes have been saved.

How are repeat bookings invoiced?

Depending on your location's pre-existing invoicing settings, you will either be invoiced for the first booking in the repeat booking cycle on an invoice due today or on your next billing date. Every subsequent booking is billed at the end of each booking, so you won't be charged for all bookings upfront.

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