Note: Only the User who creates the booking can invite their Team members to the bookings.

  1. In your organization’s app, select the resource you'd like to book

  2. Select the date and time you'd like to book

  3. Tap the More options button on the bottom left corner of the screen

  4. Tap on Add invitees under Invitees

  5. Add the Team member(s) you'd like to invite to this booking

  6. Once you've added all Team member(s), tap Done and back to the booking

  7. Tap Book now

You can also invite Team members after you have completed a booking:

  1. In your organization’s app, visit the More tab

  2. Select Bookings and choose which Booking you would like to invite Team members

  3. Select Edit

  4. Tap on Invitees

  5. Add your Teammates by selecting Add invitees and searching by their name

  6. Once you've added all Team member(s), tap Done

  7. Tap Done to return to your Bookings page

Note: Any Team members who've been invited to this booking will be able to see this on their home screen and have the option to respond to this invite (going, maybe, or not going).

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