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How do I price a Resource differently based on which Plan a user is on?
How do I price a Resource differently based on which Plan a user is on?

As an admin, learn how to apply discounts to standard Resource rates for your users via Plans

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When a user exceeds their Allowance (e.g. 5 hours towards meeting room bookings) when trying to book a Resource, they must pay to continue to book that Resource. Additional hours will be charged at the rate you specified when creating the Resource.

You can offer a discount on these standard rates by including a discount percentage as part of a Plan. This discount can apply to:

  • All Resources (i.e. All spaces)

  • A specific Resource (i.e. Meeting Room A)

  • A group of Resources that share the same Resource Type (i.e. Any Meeting Room)

Click here to learn how to create a Plan with a discount.

To add a discount to an existing Plan:

  1. Click Plans in the left-hand side menu

  2. Navigate to All Plans

  3. Click on the Plan you'd like to modify 

  4. Click the edit icon in the top right hand corner

  5. Click Add Item under Included items

  6. Click on Discount only

  7. Under 'Access to, select what you'd like to provide a discount on

  8. Include a discount percentage in the Discount field

  9. Click on Add Item

  10. Click on Update Plan

Now, when a user makes a Booking for this Resource or Resource Type, a discount will be automatically applied and the discounted charge will be added to their next invoice.

You'll be able to see what's being updated on the right-hand side of the Plan, under Summary, as well as when the discount will take effect.

Alternatively, you could create an assignment for custom, long-term bookings.

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