When users exceed the allowance provided under their plan (e.g. 5 hours a month in the 'Ocean View Meeting Room'), they must pay an overage fee for the extra time. Additional hours will be charged out at the rate you specified when creating the resource.

You can offer a discount on these standard rates by including a discount percentage as part of a plan. This discount can apply to:

  • All resources

  • A specific resource (i.e. Waterview Private Office)

  • A group of resources that share the same resource type (i.e. Any Meeting Room)

By default, no discounts are applied to any plan you create. However, if you’d like to apply a discount to resource access, the steps are as follows:

  1. Select Plans from the left-hand menu

  2. To create a new plan with a discount, click Add plan

  3. To add a discount onto an existing plan, instead click View/edit on the plan you'd like to modify 

  4. Click Add access to choose the type of access you would like to give to users assigned to this plan

  5. Once you have selected the access type, add a discount percentage in the Discount field.

    For example: If the resource is priced at $10/hour, and you type “30” in the discount field, the price of the booking (once plan allowance has been depleted) will be $7/hour.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Now, when a user makes a booking for this resource or resource type, a discount will be automatically applied and the discounted charge will be added to their next invoice.

Alternatively, you could add a one time discount on an individual user or team invoice, or create an assignment for custom, long-term bookings.

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