If your organization has multiple locations set up in Optix, you can configure your plans to apply to a single or multiple locations. While the database of plans exists at the organization level, you can specify which location(s) an access grant applies to during the plan creation process.

For example, you can offer 5 hours of meeting room access when the user is at Location A only, or you can allow the user to book meeting rooms at any of your locations (A, B, or C) up to 5 hours total. You can find this when adding access to a plan. Need help setting up a plan? Click here to get started.

You can also take a hybrid approach that provides a certain allowance at the 'primary location' (the resource a user works out of most frequently) and a different allowance for other locations run by your organization. (i.e. a 'Hot Desk' plan might include 50 hours of hot desk bookings at all locations and 5 hours of meeting room time at Location A per month).

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