Resource types are categories that provide a mechanism to group together similar resources and provide access to that particular resources type via plans. Resource types are assigned during the resource creation process and can always be edited.

You are able to select from five different resource types:

  • Hot Desks: public desk space, designed to be available to all users in your organization for booking
  • Dedicated Desks: desk space designed to be leased for a longer term and assigned to a user
  • Meeting Room: casual meeting space designed for coworkers to meet or work together in a contained room
  • Conference Room: larger meeting space, designed for larger, more formal meetings; often has a larger capacity than a meeting room.
  • Private Office: office space designed to be leased out to a single user or team for longer-term assignment or booking

Example scenario:

You may have 4 standard meeting rooms for which you want to provide 10 hours of access a month to for your members. In addition, you have 1 larger training room that you want to give everyone 2 hours of access to.

To accomplish the above, you could set the 4 standard meeting rooms to have a resource type of 'Meeting Room' and assign the training room a resource type of 'Conference Room'. Then, when assigning access through a plan you could create one grant for 10 hours at 'Any meeting room' and another 2 hours for 'Any conference room'.

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