What are resource types?

As an admin, learn about resource types and how they relate to resource and plan creation

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Resource types are categories that provide a mechanism to group together similar resources and provide access to that particular resources type via plans. From the Resources > Resource types page of the web dashboard, you can create types that best suit your resources, as well as customize the user booking experience in the app per type.

To ensure your resources are correctly categorized using types, assign your types during the resource creation process. You can always update and change type assignments or types themselves later.

Optix currently houses default resource types:

  • Hot Desk

  • Dedicated Desk

  • Meeting Room

  • Conference Room

  • Private Office

  • Equipment

  • Studio

Example scenario:

You may have 4 standard meeting rooms for which you want to provide 10 hours of access a month for your users. In addition, you have 1 larger training room that you want to give everyone 2 hours of access to.

To accomplish the above, you could set the 4 standard meeting rooms to have a resource type of 'Meeting Room' and assign the training room a resource type of 'Conference Room'. Then, when assigning access through a plan you could create one grant for 10 hours at 'Any meeting room' and another 2 hours for 'Any conference room'.

Using the Resource types page of the web dashboard, you can build out your own types, update the app visibility, and even create time slots to optimize the use of your resources. In this next FAQ, learn how to create your first resource type.

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