Setting up plans in Optix can be a bit confusing at first, so we've created a few examples with explanations of common plan settings to help demonstrate how the options and settings available can be applied. Specifically we'll be looking at the Access/Discount section of your plan settings. 

Check out our blog post on the 6 types of coworking membership plans for a more in depth idea of what plans can look like. 

Make sure you've had a read over How do I create and edit plans in Optix first, as that will provide you with the basics on how plans function. 👍

Example 1

A member has 10 hours to book any space a month and receives a 20% discount on all additional bookings over their 10 hours.
Under Access/Discount > Hourly bookings section of the space you're creating you will want to do three things:

  1. Select All Spaces from the Spaces drop down menu, this will allow the member to book any and all spaces, opposed to only booking Conference Rooms or Meeting Room.
  2. Input the allocated number of monthly credits, in this example that is 10 hours per month.
  3. Input the desired discount rate the member will receive on all additional bookings after their 10 hours are consumed. Here we will put 20%.

Example 2

A member will have 15 check ins as part of their plan, any check in beyond those 15 will result in the daily rate being charged to that member, however you would like to offer them half-off the normal daily rate.

Under Access/Discount > Daily check-ins section of the space you're creating you will want to do two things:

  1. Set the number of check ins the member will receive in this plan, that's 15 days in this example. 
  2. Set the discount to 50%, this will apply a 50% discount to the daily rate for any check-ins the member has over 15 allotted. 

Check out How do check-ins work in Optix to learn how to set a day rate. 👌

Note: Keep in mind, if your daily rate changes this percentage discount will always be applied to that daily rate. 

Example 3

You offer members a hot desk plan which gives then a set amount of dollars to spend each month on hot desk bookings. This plan costs $300/month. Your hot desks go for $15/hr, $30/day and $250/month. There is no additional discount applied after the value is used up, the member will pay the standard hourly/daily/monthly rate. 

Under Access/Discount > Hourly bookings section of the space you're creating you will want to do two things:

  1. Select Any Hot Desk from the Spaces dropdown menu. This will ensure these members can only book a hot desk. 
  2. Input the dollar amount under Access/Credit, this is the allotment that bookings will be deducted from. In this example we will use $300

Example 4

You have a plan that offers members the following: 10 hours to book any space plus a 15% discount on all bookings beyond those 10 hours, with unlimited daily access (check ins). 

Under Access/Discount you'll need to add a card from Hourly bookings and Daily check-ins

From Hourly bookings:

  1. Select All Spaces from the Spaces dropdown menu. 
  2. Input the number of hours allocated to the member in this plan per month, here that's 10 hours.
  3. Input the percentage discount applied after those hours are consumed, that's 15% in this example. 

Make sure you click Add to create a new card for the next portion.

From Daily check-ins:

  1. Select Unlimited from the Access/Credit list. 

Example 5

You want to offer a casual plan that allows members access to the venue on an occasional basis with 15 check-ins over a 3 month period (quarterly) and charge $150 once. 

Under Access/Discount > Daily check-ins section of the space you're creating you will do one thing.

  1. Input the number of check-ins you want to allow the user under Access/Credit, in this case we'll put 15.

Under the Billing preferences you will need to do two things.

  1. Select one-time payment from the 'Billing frequency' drop down menu.
  2. Set the 'Default contract length' to 90 days.

This will create a plan with a one time payment that will expire in 90 days. The user must consume all available credits within that 90 day period. 

Looking for more information on plans? Check out how to create and edit plan in Optix!

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