For users assigned to one or more plans, an invoice is automatically generated each month. This invoice will be itemized based on the details of the plan(s) the user has been assigned.

Any off plan usage will also be included on the monthly invoice.

Initial invoice for users and teams on plans

Users and teams will have a Pending invoice generated on the day they are assigned to a plan. At this time, plan start dates cannot be backdated. If the start date for the plan is mid-billing period, a Pending invoice will be created that includes:

  • Partial payment covering the plan start date to the first billing date (pro-rated)
    Note: We calculate the pro-rated partial payment by dividing the plan price by 30 (regardless of the length of the current month) and then multiplying that "daily" price by the remaining days left in the partial month. 
  • Setup fee (if applicable)
  • Refundable deposit (if applicable)

Pending invoices will move to upcoming once the next invoicing period approaches.

For example; if you assign a plan to a user on August 15th, a pro-rated charge will show up on a Pending invoice and another on an Upcoming invoice due September 1. As September approaches the Pending, pro-rated charge will also move to the September invoice. You can use the Charge Early feature inside a Pending invoice to charge the user the pro-rated amount earlier if you like.

Recurring charges from plans

Plan charges will automatically be added to upcoming invoices until such time that a plan is cancelled or a specified end date has past. Plan payments are made in advance (e.g. an invoice due September 1st will include the plan charge for the month of September) and the invoices generate up to one month in advance of the billing date.

Off plan bookings/check-ins

When bookings/check-ins are made that are not covered by a relevant plan allowance, by default the charge is added to the next invoice. For example, in an organization with a billing date set to the first of the month, a booking made on August 15th that was not covered by a plan allowance would appear on the September 1st invoice. These charges could include:

  • Bookings partially covered by a plan (e.g. a two hour booking for which there was one hour of allowance available under a plan)
  • A discounted booking/check-in after the plan allowance was exhausted (e.g. plan included a 25% discount for bookings once the included allowance was used up)
  • On demand bookings/check-ins for users who do not have an assigned plan

When bookings are made on behalf of a user by the venue manager (from within the dashboard), there is also the option to specify that the associated charge is due immediately. In this case an invoice would be raised and marked due immediately.

Under Settings > Payments a venue manage may enable the option to create an invoice immediately for these items, which will cause the above items to generate an invoice due the day the item is generated (booking made, check-in). 

When are invoices finalized?

All invoices, whether they're automatically generated or manually created, are open to edits until end of day the day before your organization's billing cycle.

For example, if you've set your billing date for the 1st of the month, new invoices will be generated on the 1st of the month for all users and teams in your venue on plans. This invoice will cover the cost of the month upfront. This means that invoices due on Sept 1st were created for users on plans on Aug 1st.

In this example, all invoices will remain open until end of day on the last day of the month. An 'open' invoice is changeable, meaning you can manually add more items, modify existing items, or void invoices up until this point

How do users see their upcoming invoices?

Users can access their invoices at all times from within the 'Invoices' menu of your workplace app.

If you have enabled invoice notifications under Payment Settings, users will receive an email two days prior and on the date that an invoice is due.

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