What are invoice items?

As an admin, learn about invoice items and where to view them

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The Invoice items screen includes an itemized list of all items that appear on invoices. This screen can be located in Invoices > Invoice items. This list can be filtered by invoice status, including invoices with the following statuses:

  • Due

  • Overdue

  • Paid

  • Pending

  • Processing

  • Upcoming

  • Void

Note: This screen replaces the 'Pending invoices' screen and will now include all invoice items that appear on Pending invoices.

Invoice items are broken down and can be filtered by Type, including:

  • Bookings

  • Assignments (and assignment deposits)

  • Check-ins

  • Plan subscriptions (and subscription deposits)

  • Product sales

  • Custom items

From the three-dot menu to the right of each item, you can choose to void items. To charge a pending invoice early, click on the item to preview and make any changes from within the invoice.

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